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Doctor Who Records and Tapes

This section features Doctor Who-related vinyl records and audio cassettes. Listed in chronological order. Sold by Joyland Books.

Doctor Who Sound Effects
BBC Records and Tapes
Format: Vinyl LP, BBC Records
Date: 1978
Condition: Excellent
Comment: Sound effects from stories such as Death to the Daleks, Brain of Morbius and Genesis of the Daleks. Very rare.
50 15 SOLD

Genesis of the Daleks
Soundtrack album
Format: Vinyl LP, BBC Records
Date: 1979
Condition: Excellent
Comment: Edited soundtrack of the popular 1975 adventure with additional explanatory narration by Tom Baker.

Greatest Science Fiction Hits
Neil Norman and his Cosmic Orchestra
Format: Vinyl LP
Date: 1979
Condition: Excellent
Comment: The "Dr Who" theme by Ron Grainer appears on this late 1970s album of famous science fiction music played by Neil Norman's orchestra in a vaguely disco style (it is 1979 after all!). Also features Star Wars, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Space 1999, Superman and many more. This is the original version of an album that has been re-released many times with different sleeves.
15 8 SOLD

Doctor Who: State of Decay
Read by Tom Baker
Format: Audio cassette, on Pickwick Talking Books
Date: 1981
Condition: Excellent
Comment: The first Doctor Who audiobook available to the general public. Tom Baker reads the State of Decay novelisation. This is an original 1981 collectible audiobook, not the 1985 Ditto re-release.
15 8 SOLD

Space Invaded: BBC Space Themes
Various artists
Format: Vinyl LP, BBC Records
Date: 1982
Condition: Excellent
Comment: A very rare BBC compilation of original space/science TV theme tunes compiled by Mat Irvine. Includes the original Peter Howell version of the Doctor Who theme tune, the original BBC Radiophonic Workshop version of the K9 & Company theme tune and Peter Howell's incidental music from 'The Leisure Hive'. Also the Blake's 7, Star Trek and Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy theme tunes and much more.
25 13 SOLD

Doctorin' the Tardis
The Timelords
Format: Vinyl 12" single
Date: 1988
Condition: Excellent
Comment: 12" version of number one hit single with various remixes of the hit song, featuring Ron Grainer's theme tune, Dalek voices mixed in with some early 1970s glam rock. The most successful commercial release of the Doctor Who theme and a big hit in the clubs.
20 10 SOLD


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