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Unique and Signed Doctor Who Items

This section features unique items that have never been sold in any shop. This includes letters and signed photographs. Listed in chronological order. Sold by Joyland Books.

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Signed postcard and message from writer Johnny Byrne
Date: 29 January 1987
Condition: Excellent
Comment: Johnny Byrne (1935-2008) wrote three Doctor Who stories: the Keeper of Traken, Arc of Infinity and Warriors of the Deep. He was also lead writer for All Creatures Great and Small, creator of and main writer for Heartbeat, and writer of scripts for numerous other series, including Space: 1999, One by One and Noah's Ark (also creator).

This is a postcard, with a message on both sides, stating: "Dear Kevin, Thank you for your letter and the kind things you say about my work. 'Keeper of Traken' is my favourite! Thus far I have not been asked to write for 'Who' again but I have been very busy writing 1x1 and All Creatures plus one or two other projects. My very best wishes to you. Johnny Byrne."

Click on the two images to the left to see larger versions of the items. (His home address has been blanked out for the website).


Signed postcard of Jon Pertwee
Date: 1987
Condition: Excellent
Comment: Postcard of Jon Pertwee (1919-1996) as the Doctor in The Five Doctors with signature in felt tip pen across the top stating: "To Nicholas, best wishes, Jon Pertwee".

On the rear of the card is typed: "My favourite story is The Daemons". Click on the image for larger version.


Short signed message from Anthony Ainley
Date: May 1987
Condition: Excellent
Anthony Ainley (1932-2004) was famous as the The Master in Doctor Who. This short note was written in reply to a request from a fan of Doctor Who to answer some questions. It states: "Dear NL, I wish I had time but alas no - I have so many letters to answer. aa."

Click on the image to the left for larger version.



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